Changing The Life’s Direction

Daria grew up in Poland. She studied sociology. She is a student of Buddhism, and naturally-born optimist.

on her career

My career path has been non-standard, as I started out thinking I was going to be a film critic. In the last minute, I decided to go for sociology. After university, I started working in advertising & media for agencies and corporations. And now here I am, a meditation teacher. From driven career-woman to a teacher who is on the mission to help people to live a life they’ve always been meant to live. It was quite a change. I think many little and big things and human encounters along the way put me on this path. Two years ago, I experienced a severe burnout with memory loss. It was a wake-up call and time to ask questions about the choices I made so far and how I want to spend the rest of my life. 

 Daria Rasmussen, Bliss & Stars Founder, Mindfulness Teacher at Sunset.JPG

on meditation

My psychotherapist recommended me to take a mindfulness course as a way to recover from severe burnout. I resisted in the beginning, but curiosity won in the end. As many histories start, ‘once upon a time, she googled and  found an online meditation course at home.’ Well, that’s what happened to me. By the second week, I knew that meditation was something that could change my life. I knew it was a superpower.

Meditation gave me a freedom to let go of many old stories, versions of myself that were neither healthy nor helpful. It gave me the freedom to figure out who I am and not let conditioning sabotage my mental and physical well-being.

Meditation is a very generous, and my favorite is the gift of self-awareness and seeing how the mind operates. It gives the power to respond without relying on willpower, control or “subtle aggression of self-development.” 

Meditation is a huge part of my self-care along with journaling in the morning, yoga, and hiking. I find that the most effective self-care for me is a time in nature. 

 Daria Rasmussen sitting and meditating on the top of a mountain above the clouds.jpg

on nature

Mountain hiking is the place to replenish my energy and take a step back and gain new perspectives. We all need a source to find the strength and stamina to live, take care of ourselves and others. Nature seems to be an easily accessible way to do it.

on silence

I spend at least four weeks in silence every year. Silence is a fantastic way to go deep and look at the misgivings of mind through the microscope, moment by moment.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Rumi

on body

Body is an incredible and wise teacher and guide. I’ve heard once that memory is “embodied time.” This means we don’t make lasting memories unless we have felt it in the body. As the body helps us create memories, so it guides us through life if only we allow ourselves to listen. The cultivation of the relationship to my body is an essential part of my day. I use breath, exercise, and dancing to stay attuned to the body and intuition. Life is not fully lived without embodiment.

books that changed my life

 Idiot, Fyodor Dostoevsky.jpg

 Real love_Sharon Salzberg.jpg

 A_Little_Life_Hanya Yanagihara.jpg

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