Bliss & Stars Celestial Calendar | February

Have you ever wondered what’s in the sky tonight?

Bliss & Stars Celestial Calendar is monthly posts covering a few of the astronomical highlights for 2019.

Each calendar post will cover one month and help you plan when to get out in the night to experience events such as eclipses of the moon, supermoons, meteor showers, conjunctions or just the time around new moon where it is easier to get a glimpse of the Milky Way.

February 4 – New Moon

Dates around new moon provide dark views since no moonshine will brighten the night sky. This is the best time to see the Milky Way and faint objects in the sky.

February 19 – Supermoon

This is the 2nd of three supermoons in 2019. The moon appears slightly larger and brighter than usual.

February 27 – Mercury greatest Eastern Elongation

This is the best time to get a glimpse of Mercury as February 27 is the time where the planet is distant from the sun. This gives an excellent opportunity to see the planet above the evening horizon just after sunset.

 Full moon raising from behind the mountains in Misty Cliffs, Western Cape, South Africa, Photo by Heine Wieben Rasmussen, Bliss & Stars

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